Alan Wilson in State Kidnap Drama…..

Alan and Tony needs our help! We need solicitors and/or care home legal advice to get Alan Wilson home!
Alan is in Allan Court Care Home and they wouldn’t let Alan come home which against his and Tony’s will. Tony has power of attorney but the care home state they has it and use it as excuse to keep Alan there which is disgrace! Our member Ady Maratty went with Tony to the care home today and here’s his email to me about what happened.
Please read the email and spread the news out, we need all kinds of help to get Alan wilson home!
Here’s email:

Hi Angela,
Hope your all doing well. Yes I will write an article for the presentation, sorry I haven’t done it yet as I have been busy.
We do have a more urgent matter that Tony and Alan desperately need help with as soon as possible.
Alan had been in hospital for an infection, then he was taken from hospital to a care home (called Allan Court) supposedly for rest bite for two weeks, but they have no intention of letting him out.
I picked Tony up today and went with him to visit Alan, within ten minutes the manager was threatening to throw me and Tony out for basically asking when Alan was getting out and what is required in order for him to leave as he wants to go home. The manager started ranting how he had power of attorney with Alans finances and power of attorney with Alans health and said they have issues with Alan going home with regards to his health and hygiene. The manager demanded Tony bring in more clothes for Alan and Alans false teeth, Tony refused stating that Alan already had clothes and did not need more as he would be getting out in the next week, and that the care home had already lost Alans shoes and there’s no way he is taking Alans false teeth in to the care home for them to lose, especially with Alan getting out in the next week. Tony stated the care home keep moving the goal posts and unreasonably demanding more, and the only reason they want Alans teeth and clothes was as they had no intention of letting him out after the supposed two weeks rest bite.
The manager of the home then stated he was reporting Alan to social services for his health and hygiene and reporting Tony to social services for refusing to help and bring in whatever the manager requested. It was made perfectly clear by the managers rantings (he is not a nice person) that he intends to use the health and hygiene and social services to keep Alan in the care home and take over Alans finances.
I advised Tony that arguing with the manager or staff is going to get him nowhere and that they need help legally, we tried phoning solicitors today, but we will be lucky if we can even get Tony an appointment before Alans re-evaluation as the solicitors didn’t even phone back today.
If Alan does not get out in the next week after the supposed two-week rest bite then I fear he will not get out of that home at all.
I Also do not know if Alan and Tony will get legal aid to help with any solicitor’s fee’s.
Do you know anyone involved with Britain’s hidden history that is a solicitor? Or even a social worker that can help Tony legally, to get Alan out of that care home? Alan wants to go home; Tony wants Alan to go home and he is accusing them of kidnapping Alan illegally saying they have signed nothing and they should be able to take Alan home, but the manager said that if Alan attempts to leave they will phone the police and social services. Tony also said that there are more family members willing to let Alan live with them in order to get him out, thus negating any issues they could raise with regards to health and hygiene at Tony’s house.
It’s clear the home don’t intend on letting Alan out and they both need someone with legal skills to help them get Alan out before it’s too late, so if you know anyone at all that is willing to help then put them in touch with Tony (you have Tony’s home number, best to contact Tony after 7 if your going to phone him) for the address’s and details and give them the care homes address and number which I will add below.
Tony also asked if we could post the address and number of the Care Home that Alan is staying in on BHH Facebook to get anyone interested to phone the Care Home to enquire about Alan and show their support for him and overwhelm the care home with support for Alan. Some of Alans family is going in to visit Alan tomorrow so they may help get Alan out, hopefully.
I am sorry for bringing this to you, they need help with the Legal side of it if they are to get Alan out soon.
Allan Court Care Home
Benwell Lane
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear
NE15 6 RU
Kind Regards, Adrian.


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